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UPDATE: Information on Temporary Certificate Of Documentation

UPDATE: Information on Temporary Certificate Of Documentation
Date: 05/13/2015
Category: NVDC Updates

UPDATE: Information on Temporary Certificate Of Documentation

Starting Wednesday 13 May 2015, the NVDC will reinstitute the issuing of Temporary Certificates of Documentation (TCODs) for recreational vessels. Our goal is to issue TCODs to all our recreational customers who have an application pending as of 13 May 2015, as quickly as possible, but before 21 May 2015, provided their applications (CG-1258) are completely & accurately filled out; the owner(s) meet the citizenship requirements; there is title evidence; there is evidence of removal from foreign registry, if applicable; the application fee is paid; and the form is properly signed by the managing owner or managing owner's rep. TCODs will be sent directly to the managing owner's mailing address as listed on the CG-1258. For applications received after 13 May 2015, our intent is to issue a TCOD if it meets the above listed requirements, as quickly as possible.

TCODs are in a different format than the permanent COD, printed in letter format on blue paper and embedded with specific security features. TCODs include the managing owner’s name and address, the vessel’s official number and HIN number, are signed by the Director and are mailed to the address on file for the managing owner.

TCODs shall be maintained on the vessel at all times while the vessel is being operated. The TCOD shall remain valid until the first of the following shall have occurred:

1. The elapse of one (1) year from the issue date of the letter; or

2. The issuance of the vessel’s permanent COD which, upon its issuance, shall supersede the Temporary COD; or

3. Issuance of written notice of a determination by the NVDC that the vessel is not eligible for documentation; or

4. An ownership change to the vessel before the permanent COD has been issued. While it is in effect, the recreational vessel subject to this TCOD shall be deemed to be a documented vessel of the United States, subject to all the rights and responsibilities applicable by law to documented vessels and to CODs. Please note that this document is not conclusive evidence of title in any proceedings where ownership is in issue. Complete records are on file at the NVDC.

To be eligible for a TCOD, one must meet citizenship and nationality requirements (i.e. vessel must not be foreign registered), provide title evidence, include applicable fees and properly signed documents. If the applicant or accompanying documentation does not meet the minimum requirements, no correspondence will be forthcoming until a complete review f the case file is conducted. TCODs WILL NOT be reissued if lost, mutilated or destroyed. Certified copies are available at a cost of $4.00.